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Track Record of Success

Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting is a Denver based company with executive experience since the infancy of the legal recreational market. RMCC helps clients' excel in daily operations, win state applications, and navigate state seed-to-sale reporting, such as Franwell’s METRC or MJFreeway's Leaf Data Systems. With our services a client won a diversion case against the state of Colorado for the first time in history due to extensive, detailed auditing that was conducted within their operation. RMCC are experts at reconciling inefficient operation and compliance problems while providing constructive feedback with step by step instructions. With a proven track record of success, RMCC can take your operation to the next level through vetted efficient, compliant workflows. 



Receive a free compliance mini course in preparing for traceability

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Cannabis businesses create profitable and compliant operations through RMCC's training, Launch Kits and data driven strategic planning.  RMCC provides the experience and expertise newly regulated markets need to excel, stay compliant, and increase efficiency in daily operations. 

  • Compliance Operations
  • Inventory Management
  • Seed-to-Sale Training


Compliance Training

Online courses

Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting unique background in compliance operations, supply chain management, and cannabis technology provides a fresh perspective connecting workflows in the operation to the technology involved. The training provides additional resources such as templates, checklists, and a guide to creating job descriptions for the compliance team. Within the online training program, we discuss situations to avoid with best practices to solve compliance risks when they occur. 

On-Site Training

The on-site service educates operators, compliance officers, and store managers how to mitigate compliance risk while building consistent auditing best practices. The training includes a facility audit and Seed-to-Sale regulatory inspection. 

Virtual Consultation

Clients' have the ability to retain RMCC for virtual consultation to discuss compliance, operations, regulatory seed-to-sale platforms, software implementation, and other challenges that arise. RMCC values being a resource to our clients at anytime. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your compliance needs today!  

Cannabis Launch Kit

The package includes a three-phase engagement that is ideal for dispensaries, cultivators, distributors, and manufacturers in newly regulated markets. RMCC will provide an on-site assessment to identify inefficient workflows, deliver a roadmap for success, and comprehensive employee training.

Once the Launch Kit is complete free access to RMCC's Online Cannabis Compliance Training will be granted to provide training for future employees. 

Compliance Seed-to-Sale Audits

Is your Regulatory Seed-to-Sale platform severely out of compliance? RMCC provides services to reconcile discrepancies, maintain diversion prevention, and jump start the operation back into compliance.   

Litigation Audits 

RMCC provides audits for operations that are currently in litigation with the state or other businesses. Whether data needs to be identified due to diversion or production of material RMCC is the resource you can rely on. 

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BriAnne played a strategic role in the expansion of Lightshade Labs and was a tremendously valuable asset to our team. She developed and supervised 4 different departments that were essential to everyday operations. Brie was always one step ahead, making calculated decisions based on profitability and compliance risk. Her attention to detail and quick problem-solving skills created compliant, efficient workflows that were critical to our success.
— Mike Leach, Chief Operating Officer of Lightshade Labs, 8 retail locations & 4 grow facilities // Review of RMCC's Founder
The cannabis industry is full of challenges and as an owner of one of the largest cultivation operations in Colorado I can say first hand that the biggest challenge anyone faces in this business is compliance. The rules and regulations are constantly evolving and it can be a real struggle to stay on top of all the changes happening daily.

The compliance position is hands down the most important aspect of operating a successful cannabis business. Through the years of being in this industry I have had the opportunity to work with many compliance officers and the largest, most profitable companies. It’s safe to say that there is no one out there better than BriAnne. You will not find a more knowledgeable, detailed oriented, passionate person who is well versed in the complexities involved in running a cannabis business.

Brie handles 100% of all my compliance and her services are unmatched by anyone that I’ve ever had the chance to work with. Brie is an ultra-communicator and problem solver. Every time she is in my facilities I can rest assure that I am 100% compliant. You can be a fire starter, fire fighter or a fire preventer; proactive vs reactive. BriAnne operates a proactive compliance business and she tackles the issues before they can become problems. She is the best fire preventer I’ve come across in the industry to date.
— Spencer Roberts Founder of Superfarm / Three-A-Light, 2 Cultivations // Review of RMCC's Founder
RMCC helped my manufacturing facility become more efficient and compliant by conducting detailed audits, employee training, and providing standard operating procedures. The RMCC staff has an eye for spotting inefficiencies in operations with exceptional communication skills to coach others around them.
— Chris Hardiman, CFO/COO Revered, Inc. (Manufacturer of Quest Concentrates & the AeroInhaler)


Our promise

RMCC goal for our clients is to launch a compliant, efficient, and successful operation that can withstand the ever changing regulations in the cannabis industry. We enjoy watching clients excel in structured daily operations while mitigating risk. 

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