Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting educates and empowers Cannabis Operators and Compliance Software companies to build sustainable businesses. We are dedicated to growing and supporting a sustainable cannabis community. Here’s what some of our trusted clients have to say about working with RMCC.

lightshade labs

“BriAnne played a strategic role in the expansion of Lightshade Labs and was a tremendously valuable asset to our team. She developed and supervised 4 different departments that were essential to everyday operations. Brie was always one step ahead, making calculated decisions based on profitability and compliance risk. Her attention to detail and quick problem-solving skills created compliant, efficient workflows that were critical to our success.”



"Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting (RMCC) helps to provide as compliance support across the country. We have utilized BriAnne's Compliance Guides, SOPs, and completed on-site training with our entire staff to ensure Treez is the most compliant platform available. The resources RMCC has provided us not only saves us time, but allows Treez to expand into other states at a faster rate. RMCC’s attention to detail and customized deliverables is essential to Treez and our success in helping clients navigate the bumpy road of compliance and METRC."



"Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting (RMCC) was instrumental in successfully launching Yobi’s first METRC state, Nevada. Through our partnership with RMCC, we developed new, personalized workflows within our operational system while integrating with METRC compliantly. Our relationship continues to grow as Yobi expands into other markets."



"Flowhub and Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting (RMCC) are proud to partner after more than four years of experience working together. BriAnne’s knowledge and ability to distill complexities into easy-to-understand information is crucial to grasping compliance operations and METRC functionality. "



"Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting (RMCC) is our preferred consulting partner to help Distru's Cannabis Distribution and Manufacturing clients get up to speed on track-and-trace. Their team understands compliance and the nuances in the cannabis industry in a way that no one else we've worked with does."



“The cannabis industry is full of challenges and as an owner of one of the largest cultivation operations in Colorado I can say first hand that the biggest challenge anyone faces in this business is compliance. The rules and regulations are constantly evolving and it can be a real struggle to stay on top of all the changes happening daily. The compliance position is hands down the most important aspect of operating a successful cannabis business. Through the years of being in this industry I have had the opportunity to work with many compliance officers and the largest, most profitable companies. It’s safe to say that there is no one out there better than BriAnne. You will not find a more knowledgeable, detailed oriented, passionate person who is well versed in the complexities involved in running a cannabis business. Brie handles 100% of all my compliance and her services are unmatched by anyone that I’ve ever had the chance to work with. Brie is an ultra-communicator and problem solver. Every time she is in my facilities I can rest assure that I am 100% compliant. You can be a fire starter, fire fighter or a fire preventer; proactive vs reactive. BriAnne operates a proactive compliance business and she tackles the issues before they can become problems. She is the best fire preventer I’ve come across in the industry to date.”


kush gardens

"BriAnne Ramsay with Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting has been an absolute godsend for our operation. Kush Gardens has always maintained a very high level of compliance for our industry. Back in July with the introduction of the new R1001-1 series of regulations, I knew I was going to need help understanding the new regulations. BriAnne and I worked together seamlessly and we created a checklist for each product category. We trained our staff to work together while inspecting incoming products, one manager would read off the warnings on the marketing layer and the container holding the marijuana product and the other manager would check it off the checklist. We bought typesetting rulers for the text size. We took pictures of the non-compliant issues with our vendors and addressed the issues that needed to be resolved. I had plenty of irate sales managers and owners questioning us, that “we were the only store in the whole state of Colorado questioning their labeling compliance”. I even had the largest print shop in Denver printing the new universal symbol stickers, call me back finally and replaced the first two orders of stickers that did not have the correct text size. I knew in my heart that we were prepared for this round of new regulations and we stood firm as a team and as a retail store. All of this would not have been possible without BriAnne Ramsay and Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting. BriAnne never let me down, she researched every question, she called her contacts in the industry for feedback, she talked to her MED people and I got the answers, I needed to protect our license. I absolutely recommend BriAnne Ramsay and Rocky Mountain Cannabis Trainers, this has been the best investment we have made for our team here at Kush Gardens. Bravo BriAnne!"



“RMCC helped my manufacturing facility become more efficient and compliant by conducting detailed audits, employee training, and providing standard operating procedures. The RMCC staff has an eye for spotting inefficiencies in operations with exceptional communication skills to coach others around them.”


martin's natural meds

“Our operation was grossly out of compliance and the complexities involved in improving our workflows seemed insurmountable. Until we met Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting (RMCC). The RMCC team completed our compliance audit and helped us establish new systems and practices to improve efficiencies and organization of our inventory.”


om edibles

“As Production Manager with Om Edibles, I am given the honor of taking exceptional recipes for our edibles, tinctures, and body products and keeping them consistent in quality and milligrams, along with the responsibility to track those milligrams in METRC. So grateful for RMCC’s knowledgeable team, and their eye for detail, to move through these ever-evolving compliance regulations. We at Om Edibles enjoy working with the RMCC team because they make compliance FUN!"