where can I find information about MY STATE’s cannabis compliance regulations/laws? 

Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting provides an easy-to-understand Compliance Guide broken down in a digestible format for quick reference. Each Guide records the regulation, a link to the regulations, and RMCC’s interpretation of the regulation to how the requirement applies to the operation. We recommend consulting with your attorney before making any changes to your business related to cannabis compliance laws and regulations. RMCC does not provide legal advice.

what is the best cannabis compliance (or seed-to-sale) software?

RMCC guides clients into the technology solution that is the best fit for their operation. RMCC provides a non-biased approach when assisting in finding the right solution. Considerations are made based on Cannabis Operator staffing, cost, timeline, policies and procedures.

what is included in RMCC’s Launch Kit?

RMCC provides hands-on assistance to build a compliant and sustainable cannabis business. Our three-phased engagement includes an on-site assessment of the entire operation, documents such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), full access to RMCC’s online training platform, and in-person training at each of the operator’s facilities.

Visit the RMCC Product page to learn more.

How does RMCC engage with Technology Solutions?

We offer virtual resources (listed below), on-site METRC Implementation assistance, and on-site training for Customer Success and Customer Support.

what digitally-based compliance training and education resources does RMCC have?

RMCC provides virtual consultation on retainer, online training videos, digital guides/checklists/diagrams, and the ability to license RMCC collateral.

what is rmcc’s availability?

We are always available for virtual consultation. On-site services are scheduled in advance with a minimum of a one month notice.