RMCC provides multiple cannabis consulting service options for licensed cannabis businesses and software solutions to build a compliant, stable integration with the state seed-to-sale traceability platform, Franwell’s METRC. We help bridge the gap between cannabis operations, compliance, and technology.



retained consulting for cannabis business and seed-to-sale software solutions

RMCC offers virtual consultation, inviting clients to reach out anytime and receive answers to pressing questions. These sessions include phone conversations, video conference with screen share, and white board discussions over workflows.

We serve as outsource compliance officers for technology solutions that are unable to hire a compliance team. RMCC helps bridge the gap between technology (METRC API) and how the causes or effects will affect the physical operation's workflows and compliance within the operation.

Flowhub    CEO Kyle Sherman consults with cannabis compliance expert and RMCC CEO BriAnne Ramsay.

Flowhub CEO Kyle Sherman consults with cannabis compliance expert and RMCC CEO BriAnne Ramsay.


seed-to-sale technology solution consultation for licensed cannabis businesses

RMCC helps clients identify and build a compliant seed-to-sale traceability software. RMCC does not sell or push any software, instead, we will help provide a fresh perspective on the leading compliance technology solutions to find the right fit for your operation.


traceability reconciliation audits

RMCC excels in Seed-to-Sale Traceability Clean Ups and Compliance Audits. We handle the most severe cases where other marijuana consultants lack the deep expertise to manage such complexities. In addition to the inventory and traceability reconciliation, we provide business consulting pertaining to:

  • Auditing
  • Compliance
  • Inventory control
  • Operations
  • Reporting
  • METRC training
Cannabis METRC Audit Clean Up

on-site compliance audits

We provide on-site compliance audits including dispensary audits, cultivation audits, manufacturing audits, and distribution audits. Each audit will come with a check-list, score, and immediate action items to correct any compliance risk as quickly as possible.


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